Chatsworth Reupholstery

Chatsworth Reupholstery

Chatsworth Reupholstery is the process of removing damaged materials on a piece of furniture so it can be reframed. The level of work and changes will depend on the shape and condition of the item. Some furniture pieces only require the outer materials to be changed, while others need a full revamp.

Furniture reupholstery is far from simply casing sofas or headboards with new slipcovers. It requires a more thoughtful and intricate process to restore the item to its original condition. Chatsworth Reupholstery is a team of professional upholsterers in Chatsworth, CA that can restore, rebuild, or overhaul furniture pieces for residential and commercial purposes.

A large number of upholstery shops in California only replace the old fabric of a furniture and call it a day – this is NOT what reupholstery means. One of the main reasons we have a solid clientele is due to the exceptional craftsmanship we provide. Everything we reupholster is handcrafted. Every material we use is made in the US. Each member of our team is experienced and knowledgeable on the ins and outs of upholstery. We’ll have your back from step one.

Our upholsterers will take off the ripped or damaged fabric of your furniture and examine its inner structure to assess the shape and condition of its frame. We closely evaluate the big three of furniture: springs, frame, and padding. More often than not, there’s beauty underneath a worn out piece, which is unsurprising, since furniture makers in the past only use reliable and long-lasting materials. The damage only happens because of constant use and other harmful (yet unavoidable) elements. With Chatsworth Reupholstery, you’ll have the opportunity to assess if reupholstery is the smartest solution to your furniture problem. We offer free estimates so you’ll have an idea how much you have to shell out for a reupholstered piece of furniture.

Some homeowners believe that buying a new furniture set is better than reupholstery. While there are several merits to purchasing a new sofa or a dining chair, furniture reupholstery has its set of benefits and advantages. More than likely, you’re already comfortable with the furniture pieces you own. In fact, some have sentimental value or some significance in your life. Furniture reupholstery can preserve the comfort and sentiment you feel toward your furniture pieces. You can think of it as protecting an heirloom – something that the next generation can also enjoy and value.

Chatsworth Reupholstery

Chatsworth Reupholstery offers you a style change that won’t break your wallet. On many occasions, it’s normal to wish you can change the interior or theme of your home. It can be a new preference for color, design or texture. But changing all your furniture pieces can be very expensive. Not to mention, there’s no reason to waste good pieces of furniture. With reupholstery, you can change key items to suit the new interior you have in mind. A simple change in fabric or the re-padding of a sofa can do wonders. Choosing the right materials is the key – and this can easily be done with the help of our expert upholsterers.

The selection process for the right fabric can be a bit overwhelming. In our workshop alone, you’ll have thousands of fabrics and materials to choose from. With the help of our design specialists, we’ll steer you to the right direction. In selecting fabric patterns and colors, there are important factors to take into consideration. For instance, the pattern: fabrics with vertical stripes give the room an illusion of extra height, whereas horizontal lines add width and length. Through teamwork, we can establish the perfect fabric for your furniture that will suit your taste, personality and new home interior.

Another benefit of furniture reupholstery is restoring or reworking quality pieces. Most home items that need reupholstery are still in good condition except for their outside look. Furniture pieces done in the past are normally of high quality. Before suppliers were forced to scrimp on quality with preassembled or mass-produced furniture, there was a time when pieces were created with first-grade materials and first-class artistry. Older furniture pieces normally have spring coils and wooden frames that are fastened with dowels or superglued. Today’s pieces have rubberized straps instead of spring coils, and staples are used to put the frames together. If your old furniture is a quality piece, hiring Chatsworth Reupholstery to restore its beauty is a lot better than spending your money on a new piece.

As I mentioned, furniture reupholstery can be driven by sentimental value. Perhaps your sofa is your favorite piece of furniture because of the many memories tied to it. Or maybe the now torn and stained chaise lounge you have was once a lovely gift from your grandmother. For us at Chatsworth Reupholstery, it’s truly satisfying to restore a piece with sentimental value or has been in the family for generations. Most of our previous clients opted for reupholstery because they want to preserve the memories entwined into their furniture.

I often hear our clients ask for help to restore the first piece of furniture they bought as a couple. Mothers and grandmothers also come to our showroom to ask if we can restore a piece of furniture that has been handed down from one generation to another. More than restoring the piece, furniture reupholstery is also an investment in preserving a part of your family history.  Our expert upholsterers can help you preserve the unique quality of the item so others can enjoy it for a long time.

Because Chatsworth Reupholstery respects Mother Nature, we encourage people to choose reupholstery because it cuts down on waste and the use of other resources. Whenever we reupholster a piece, several parts of the furniture are reused. This means less waste to be thrown into the landfills. Also, less natural resources will be consumed, so there’s less pollution. Reupholstery, at its core, is recycling furniture into something “new.”  It’s a way of enhancing the beauty and wellbeing of our planet.

Save your furniture and save some money. Preserve its sentimental value and help Mother Nature in the process. Call Chatsworth Reuphosltery at 818-350-2932 or email now.

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