Chatsworth Window Coverings

Chatsworth Window Coverings

The style and decoration of your home (or business place) often reflect your personality and lifestyle. Every little detail matters, but perhaps the most prominent of all due to their size and placement are your windows. As such, window coverings are a big deal when shaping the overall look and feel of a room. In Chatsworth, CA, the best place to get Chatsworth window coverings is at Chatsworth Upholstery.

Whether it’s window coverings or treatments, our service is the best in the area. We’ve been in this industry for decades now, and the one thing that makes us stand out from the rest is our dedication to being a team player. Unlike other companies that railroad their clients’ wishes, we make it a point to consult our customers on all aspects of the process. We want your personality to reflect your room. With one look at your window coverings, we want others to say “Oh, that’s so you!” 

Custom window coverings create the atmosphere and interior you want. With our design and creation, we’ll turn our combined ideas into realities to put a stamp of your personality into your home. Custom Chatsworth window coverings are one of the most efficient ways to do so because they add a unique touch to achieve the style or theme you desire. They also create a cohesive appearance to your home from the outside.

Based on your preference, we can make custom window coverings to complement any decor you already have at home or build a new theme highlighting your curtains. With Chatsworth Upholstery, you can take your home interior in any direction you want. And if you’re unsure which route to take, our expert designers are more than willing to lend a hand.

Our experienced team is comprised of industry experts and pros at solving style dilemmas and merging patterns and textures. Yes, you can get window coverings elsewhere, but when it comes to custom-made, high-quality products, with our Chatsworth window coverings, there’s really no comparison. Our past and current clients can attest to this fact.

Chatsworth Upholstery has an impressive selection of materials. With tens of thousands of designer-quality fabrics, hundreds of window treatment and covering options, and tons of trim and decorative choices, I can guarantee you that what we create every single time is one of a kind. We have experts to help you choose the right fabrics and materials to fit your lifestyle, especially with special circumstances like a health condition or numerous pets at home.

Our Chatsworth window coverings service starts and ends with one theme: everything is custom-made to fit your windows perfectly. Ready-made curtains and drapes these days are nothing to sneeze at, but there’s really nothing better than customized coverings. Chatsworth Upholstery understands the inimitability of custom-designed products, so we make sure that our creations are tailor-made for you using materials made in and approved by the industry regulators here in the US. Our expert designers make window coverings to your exact specifications and requirements – from the size of the pleat to the allowance of the hem.

Most homeowners are all about the big picture. They often forget the little details that make the picture whole. If you tend to forget about these little things, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Our designers pay attention to details. It takes a lot of work for custom window coverings to be unique. Whenever possible, drapery sections should be paired across seams. Apart from material selections, the fabric design elements have to be stitched and placed seamlessly to create a cohesive and flawless end product. Even the tops of mounting boards and frames for valances must be covered flawlessly with the decorative fabric, so everything looks beautiful from any angle.

You don’t have to be well-versed in home and interior design to get the designer look and feel you want for your home. With the help from our design consultants, we can teach and guide you about fabric selection, design matchup, and style do’s and don’ts to realize your vision. We offer free consultations so you can assess how working with us can turn your design dreams into life.Chatsworth Window Coverings

We offer different styles of window coverings, and we can assist you in choosing which type suits your home best. Two of our “bestsellers” are drapes and shades. Our Chatsworth window coverings service can help you determine what design works well with the room and what materials fit the design best.

Window drapes are sought-after because they give an opportunity to emphasize a room’s design and frame a particular view. Draperies can also manage natural light. They allow natural light in by filtering it with delicate, sheer drapes, or they can completely block it out with gorgeous, luxurious drapes. When it comes to practicality, drapes keep a room warmer during winter, and cooler during summer. When it comes to visual appeal, they emit a layer of texture and color that highlight your personal style, whether it’s exotic, playful, opulent, minimalist, sharp, crisp, delicate and airy, or intricate and layered.

Pleated drapery designs are timeless, and still considerably a versatile choice to match any window treatment. If you want a no-fuss drapery, then panel styles are your best option. Strung on decorative curtain rods, the panel styles create an excellent opportunity to spice up an ordinary-looking window and show off a beautiful fabric choice. Rod pocket drape styles, on the other hand, are best suited for fixed window treatments. They are particularly useful on drapes made with sheer fabrics. We can elevate the custom touch by adding decorative trims or putting in hardware holdbacks.

Another popular choice for window coverings is fabric shades. They give a tailored and classic look that works well for small-sized windows in need of design improvement. Fabric shades also offer multiple choices with regards to movement, light control, and privacy to suit your creativity and practical needs. They can also function on their own or can be combined with window drapery treatments. Possibly the most popular type of fabric shade available is Roman shades, which is one of our top Chatsworth window coverings.

Chatsworth Upholstery is committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction. Get your windows sorted out the professional way with our help.

Call us at 818-350-2932 or email us at so we can get started.

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