Chatsworth window treatments

Chatsworth window treatments

Nothing impacts a room’s interior as much as its windows and the treatments used. A simple room can turn into a fabulous space with the right framework. Framing a beautiful window with ready-made or unsuitable window treatments is much like serving vintage wine in a plastic cup. It works, but it doesn’t feel or look right. Needless to say, custom window treatments have their own set of practical benefits and aesthetic advantages. If you’re living in Chatsworth, CA, the one place you can depend on for topnotch Chatsworth window treatments is Chatsworth Upholstery.

Each year, our company creates tens of thousands of window treatments – all uniquely designed and customized. Chatsworth Upholstery customizes each detail to showcase the style you want. Our upholstery company is the leading service provider of upholstery and window treatments and coverings in the area. We provide full custom window treatments and solutions for any budget. Regardless of what look or style you want, we’ll design a window treatment that will complement your home and your lifestyle.

Using the right window treatments for your home or business, whether traditional or contemporary, will be an excellent design improvement that you, your family and guests can enjoy. We’ll bring your ideas to life with beautiful and practical window treatments. Our design team takes pride in ensuring that we exceed your expectations by delivering high-quality window treatments with a lifetime guarantee. Our specialists will make sure the treatments will give you beauty, visual satisfaction, and peace of mind.Chatsworth window treatments

Our Chatsworth window treatments service offers lifetime guarantee. This serves as an assurance that hiring Chatsworth Upholstery is essentially getting a support system for life. We’re confident to give this warranty because we only deliver the best custom work out there. The materials we use are manufactured in the US and are approved by industry regulators. Our design team and craftspeople are all experienced and knowledgeable about everything involving windows – treatments, coverings, and exclusive designs.

Top window treatments complete your room interior. From simple to elegant, from casual to formal, from traditional to contemporary, our Chatsworth window treatments feature a range of style and functionality. Our window experts will be more than happy to show you how to maximize the use of your windows. We’ll also help you choose the right treatment to suit your home and lifestyle. And as always, consulting with our specialists is free.

Here are some of the most requested treatments we’ve made since we started our Chatsworth window treatments service decades ago.

Window shutters. While we customize shutters using different materials, Chatsworth Upholstery offers two primary types of shutters. These are high-grade shutters handcrafted from real wood, and top-quality shutters made out of Polywood – a nearly maintenance-free, wood-like material. Our handmade wood shutters are typically created with Basswood, one of the best types of hardwood best known for its moisture control.

Wood shutters as window treatments are great because they can instantly add flair and style to your home. They are good insulators and are easy to clean and maintain. These shutters also provide efficient light and maximum privacy control.

Polywood shutters, on the other hand, offer a sophisticated visual appeal. They are produced using unique polymer for the highest level of durability. In contrast to window shutters made of vinyl or other manmade products, Pollywood shutters will not tarnish, bend, split, or peel. Like traditional wood shutters, Pollywood treatments can enhance the style and beauty of your home. They are also easy to clean and provide maximum privacy. More importantly, Pollywood shutters can withstand heat and reduce noise. They are also fire resistant and termite-proof.

Roman Shades. Arguably the most popular type of window treatment, Roman shades provide a clean and timeless look ideal for any interior style or theme. Chatsworth Upholstery offers Roman shades in a wide selection of styles and materials. Roman shade treatments are popular because they seamlessly blend beauty and functionality. The fabric treatments merge with the smooth operation of a shade.

Stylish and versatile, we offer custom Roman shades with various features that include insulation, light filtering and room darkening or complete blackout. These treatments are easily manageable. They add a certain textural appeal that can instantly transform the look and feel of a room. Our Chatsworth window treatments service includes a selection of the best fabric shades in different colors, patterns, and textures.

Window Blinds. One of the main advantages of window blinds is versatility. They come in various sizes and can be made from different materials. Our window blinds are available in Basswood, faux wood, composite and aluminum, among others. Window blinds made of real wood can come with decorative tapes and trimmings to further enhance their beauty. Faux blinds, on the other hand, provides a wonderful way to accentuate a room without having to wash fabric drapes all the time. With window blinds, you just need to keep them free of dust.

Our Chatsworth window treatments service also offers window blinds with customized cornice valances, which can make the windows look bigger than their actual size. Cornice valances also help with insulation and are great in concealing interior imperfections. A cornice is a box-style valance made of wood and affixed to the wall on top of the windows. Cornice valances provide a more elegant and formal visual impact than soft window treatments. They also offer an immediate architectural and design interest to spaces that may lack such style and beauty.

Chatsworth Upholstery delivers custom design window treatments for both residential and commercial buildings. Our experienced design team will give your windows the special touch they deserve through top-quality window treatments and window coverings, curtains and drapes. The custom work we do is second to none, especially our high-grade motorized line. We offer motor-driven treatments and coverings for windows that are too high or too big.

For commercial window treatments, we provide an exclusive brand of personalized design solutions. We can make it possible for business owners to have the design and style treatments they want without sacrificing the theme or aesthetic of their place of business. Our responsibility and dedication to providing 100% customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. We turn your dream room into a reality. Outstanding design and craftsmanship are what make Chatsworth Upholstery the best local service provider in Chatsworth, CA.

Call us at 818-350-2932 or email us at today for your custom window treatments.

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