Restaurant Upholstery

Restaurant Upholstery

The right pieces of décor and furniture are the key behind a successful restaurant interior. Every piece must work seamlessly together and should be appealing and comfortable to the diners. Aside from the menu, the ambiance of the place is a big factor if you want your customers to return or recommend your restaurant to others. For this reason, it’s high-time that you call Chatsworth Upholstery to make the necessary changes to your restaurant upholstery.

Chatsworth Upholstery is the leading upholstery service provider in Chatsworth, CA and its neighboring areas. Our team of expert designers and upholsterers are skilled in residential and commercial upholstery. We have experienced workers to turn whatever concept or theme you have for your restaurant into reality. We specialize in custom work so you are guaranteed to receive tailor-made furniture pieces that will elevate your place of business. Our restaurant services consist of custom upholstery for booths, sectionals, sofas, chairs, pillows, cushions and more. We also offer wall upholstery.

With the help of our design team, you can choose the materials and fabrics for your furniture pieces. Depending on the theme of your restaurant, we’ll offer recommendations on the best materials to match the interior of the place and ensure the comfort of your customers. We’ll also teach you the proper upkeep and maintenance to make cleanups a total breeze.

Eye-catching and unique booths, tables, chairs, and lounges can easily attract customers. These furniture pieces also help you manage the traffic work, save space and optimize the place’s seating capacity. Restaurant owners opt for upholstered furniture pieces because they serve as a boundary or a “wall” between tables so diners can each have their own private space.

Chatsworth Upholstery has been in the business for decades now. And over the years, our restaurant upholstery service has been sought-after by restaurant owners and hoteliers. We offer a selection of booth designs that you can take inspiration from. We can also modify a design to your preference. The great thing about restaurant upholstery is the chance to be as hands-on as you want to be throughout the process. You can be involved in every piece of decision-making or allow us to lead you to the right direction. Also, you’re able to choose the fabrics and accessories you like from our workroom, which houses thousands of materials on hand. We’ll guide you through the selection process so you don’t feel overwhelmed with the vast choices at your disposal.

Planning of having your restaurant furniture pieces upholstered can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time to do so. To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s a gist of how we here at Chatsworth Upholstery tackle restaurant upholstery.Restaurant Upholstery

Decide on a theme or concept. You must at least have an idea of what you want to see as an end product. Ready-made restaurant booths are a bit hard to find, even in furniture shops. Custom upholstery is the answer to the situation. You must hire skilled upholsterers to bring your idea to life. The top interior elements you need to consider are the design, fabric, shape, size and type of upholstery you’d want your customers to enjoy.

It’s also important that you determine the available space where you’ll put the upholstered furniture pieces. Our upholsterers can help you calculate the space to accommodate the new booths, tables and chairs. Determining the free space in your restaurant is crucial because it will help you pick the right shape and style for your custom upholstery. Everything must be balanced. Eye-catching furniture pieces can only do so much if your diners feel suffocated or cramped inside your restaurant.

Because restaurant upholstery can put a serious dent in your time, energy and finances, you must only work with the best. Working with expert upholsterers does not only guarantee that you get high-quality furniture pieces, but that you also receive them on time (sometimes, earlier than scheduled). In a restaurant – or any other business for that matter – time is a commodity. You can trust Chatsworth Upholstery to deliver only the best service for your restaurant. We pride ourselves on being the top in our field, and not just in producing quality furniture pieces, but also through our customer care and support.

We encourage you to visit our workroom and showroom so you’ll see for yourself how our designers and upholsterers work. Even if you’re still undecided about certain elements, we’ll be happy to serve you and answer your questions. You’ll be assigned to an expert who can help you figure out the areas you’re unsure of, and cement the ones that you’re confident about. Feel free to bring visual aids to help us understand the theme or style you want to achieve.

Chatsworth Upholstery doesn’t stop with restaurant upholstery. Our mission is to provide service and contribute to as many people and businesses as possible. In Chatsworth, we are the leading local upholstery service provider for both residential and commercial properties. Apart from restaurants and diners, we also do upholstery for hotels, motels, bars, clubs and even health facilities like clinics and hospitals. We repair or restore old couches, sofas, tables and chairs, stools, beds and a lot more to enhance the look and feel of the room.

Commercial upholstery, like restaurant upholstery, is often a better option for business owners when the financial aspect is a concern. It’s usually less expensive to have furniture pieces upholstered than buy new ones. Opting for custom upholstery is also better for Mother Nature, which is something your business can be proud of. Nowadays, more and more people choose to dine in or shop at establishments that are eco-friendly. By opting for furniture upholstery, you’ll get a chance to penetrate this particular market.

Think of restaurant upholstery as a necessity and business investment. If the furniture pieces can make your diners feel at ease and happy, it’s likely that they’ll be back again and even recommend your place to their family and friends.

Chatsworth Upholstery can help your business prosper. Let’s make your restaurant the best in the block. Call us at 818-350-2932 for inquiries. You may also send an email at


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