Chatsworth Auto Upholstery

Chatsworth Auto Upholstery

It’s not a surprise if the upholstery of your car is the last thing you think when it comes to service and maintenance. But the reality is, you must prioritize your car interior since it’s also the part of your vehicle that is used (and abused) on a regular basis. Whether you plan to do a complete refurbishment on your car interior or only update some parts and pieces, Chatsworth Auto Upholstery can handle the job for you.

Our auto upholstery experts can match the original materials on your vehicle as well as replicate the original stitching design. Chatsworth Auto Upholstery has been in the business for decades now. Through the years, we make sure to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. As a result, we are now the go-to auto upholstery service provider in Chatsworth and its surrounding areas.

The rise of DIY repair kits and online videos have encouraged a lot of people to troubleshoot and fix their possessions. And while do-it-yourself projects can be practical and budget-friendly, there are just some maintenance and repairs that require experienced and qualified professionals to do the job. Auto upholstery is one of these fixes that need the hands of an expert. Our Chatsworth Auto Upholstery team is regarded as the best in the county when it comes to vehicle upholstery services. We don’t just handle car interiors. We also do marine and RV upholstery.Chatsworth Auto Upholstery

The interior upholstery of any vehicle is constantly at risk of damage. Such wear and tear could be the result of an accidental puncture, scuff marks from pointy or rough objects, scratches from pets, doodles from kids or any adverse factors that make a difference to the value and aesthetics of the vehicle’s interior. If left unchecked, small damages here and there can turn into big ones that will require a complete overhaul. DIY patches can only do so much. In our years of hands-on experience, a professional upholsterer is the only solution for quality auto upholstery.

When you’re confronted with the need for a major repair on your car’s interior, it’s always best to have our experienced industry experts handle the job to save you from the headache and potential money bleed. Chatsworth Auto Upholstery is a team of professional upholsterers who can repair and restore the original look of your auto upholstery regardless of how big or small the damage. We’re known across California as one of the best service providers in vehicle upholstery because we only deliver the best. Our past and current customers can attest to the quality of our work. Our team of experts have vast experience and knowledge in custom auto interiors and repair, from upholstery seats to convertible tops to refurbished door panels.

Most vehicle owners are possessive of their property, which is completely understandable and relatively reasonable. After all, vehicles are valuable possessions. Many car owners do their interior repairs because they don’t want others to handle – or even touch – their vehicle. But, if you truly love your car and want it to be in tip-top shape all the time, hiring a professional upholsterer is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Everyone at Chatsworth Auto Upholstery understands this possessive mentality, and so we make it a point to include our customers in all aspects of the repairs. You can be as involved or as distant as you want. We’ll also make sure to steer you in the right direction if you don’t know which way to go when it comes to choosing the materials for the repair.

Our workroom houses thousands of fabrics and materials for upholstery. With regards to vehicles, the three most common materials are cloth, vinyl, and leather.

There are many varieties of cloth you can choose from. They range from textures to colors, which makes cloth an excellent choice if you want to add a personal touch to your car upholstery. Cloth is preferred by many because it’s cost-effective. The great thing about the varieties of fabric today is that they’re more resistant to color fading and UV damage. Also, cloth is the easiest material to change.

Vinyl is the material of choice for classic cars. It has a similar look to leather, but relatively more economical. When it comes to maintenance and upkeep, it’s the easiest cleanup of the three. Also, there are a lot of vinyl colors and textures available right now. On the flip side, vinyl quickly deteriorates especially when regularly directed to sunlight. This is something you need to think about if you want vinyl to be your primary upholstery material.

Leather is high-end, and it typically comes with the cost to fit its extravagance. But for many vehicle owners – especially car enthusiasts – there’s quite nothing like the look, feel and smell of leather car seats. And though it’s the priciest option, it’s also the most durable. Maintenance for leather upholstery requires constant conditioning, but with a routine in check, leather will last longer and look better compared to other materials.

When it comes down to it, choosing the material for your auto interior will rely on your preferences and lifestyle. With this information in mind, Chatsworth Auto Upholstery can help you pick the best material for your vehicle.

For special auto projects like marine or RV upholstery, our skilled upholsterers follow a unique formula to get the job right. Marine upholstery is more than just a mechanical job. It is a form of art, and it is a team effort. Thanks to years of experience and knowledge under our belt, each member of the team has honed and perfected the art of marine upholstery. We also use high-tech tools to make every inch of the boat properly upholstered. The same dedication and work are directed for RV upholstery.

When you value your possession and want to give it your best, Chatsworth Auto Upholstery is the local company you can rely on. Contact us so we can present you with different options for your auto upholstery that will fit your financial plan.

Let’s make your vehicle the envy of many. For free estimates or any questions, call 818-350-2932. You can send an email at

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