Sofa Upholstery Chatsworth

Sofa Upholstery Chatsworth

Breathe new life into your outdated, worn out or saggy sofa by hiring a professional upholsterer. With sofa upholstery Chatsworth service, you can achieve the style of couch you’ve always wanted. Chatsworth Upholstery can custom build any sofa – or any furniture piece for that matter – to your style and specifications. Thanks to sofa upholstery, you can change the look and feel of any room in your home without breaking the bank.

Custom sofa upholstery is the answer to your interior and budget problems. Chatsworth Upholstery lets you to pick the design and style for your sofa upholstery. You can choose the wood type, materials and fabrics to make it stand out. For decades now, Chatsworth Upholstery has been the go-to upholstery service provider in Chatsworth, CA and its neighboring areas – and for good reasons. We deliver only the best upholstery services in the area: top-quality finished product, lifetime guarantee and unparalleled customer care and support. With our sofa upholstery Chatsworth service, you can have the best sofa you want without sweating out.

Sofa upholstery is a lot better than buying a brand new couch for many reasons. Arguably, the top in the list is uniqueness. Let’s say you bought a new sofa at a special furniture sale at the mall. Yes, there’s a chance that you’ve saved some money, but there’s no certainty about the quality of the furniture. You never know if after a week, it will break down or the slipcover will unravel. Also, it’s possible that someone you know bought the same furniture. Basically, your brand new sofa has a general style and is just one of the many in your neighborhood.Sofa Upholstery Chatsworth

You can prevent this from happening with custom sofa upholstery. Hiring Chatsworth Upholstery means receiving an upholstered sofa that has its own character and is made with top-quality craftsmanship. Big bonus: you get to support your local industry, too. Custom sofa upholstery lets you showcase your personality because it’s you who will choose everything about the furniture: from its design to the materials it will be made from.

Also, you can expect to receive high-quality furniture with materials made in the US, and not some pre-assembled couch built in a factory overseas. When you hire our sofa upholstery Chatsworth service, you will receive decades-worth of experience and skills from our talented craftspeople. Not to mention, a lifetime warranty to enjoy!

The living room is one of the spaces in a house that is occupied all the time. It’s where families chill out. It’s also the area where homeowners receive and entertain guests. Needless to say, an unsightly sofa is a downer. Because the sofa occupies an ample space in the room, when it’s outdated or tattered, everything else looks drab as well.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money to change the look and feel of the space. Just by updating your sofa, you can modify the interior of the entire room. And to make sure you hit the interior jackpot, go for a custom sofa upholstery.

Chatsworth Upholstery can create any custom furniture you can dream of. Just think about the possibilities to make your rooms stand out with a custom sofa, a custom sectional, a custom daybed, a custom reading chair, a custom settee and every kind of custom seat you can imagine. We can also make the throw pillows match your upholstered sofa, and even custom slipcovers so you can change the theme of the room in a snap. With our sofa upholstery Chatsworth service, your choices are endless.

Our team of designers and builders specialize in custom furniture made to your exact orders and specifications. We offer thousands of fabrics and materials you can choose from. Your options of patterns, colors and textures are unlimited. If you want to go big and crazy in design, I can guarantee that we can find the perfect fabrics to suit your style. When it comes to the furniture design, we have talented professionals who can flesh out the idea in your mind.

Chatsworth Upholstery has been in the business for decades. You can expect to receive the best service from our end because of the hands-on experience we have and skills we honed for years. We also make sure we are always updated about trends in upholstery and furniture design, so whatever design description you have in mind, we can make it happen.

One of the things that makes me proud of our company the most is our respect to our clients’ furniture. Just because your sofa looks like it’s a hairbreadth away from falling apart doesn’t mean it’s completely useless. Our upholstery process starts by inspecting and assessing the sofa from top to bottom, inside and out. We remove the outdoor fabrics and foams and evaluate the frame and the springs. Most furniture made in the past decade or so have stable structures. If that’s what you have, we’ll work around it to enhance its beauty and durability. Otherwise, together, we’ll plan and design a new sofa using the best parts of your old one.

To elevate the sofa upholstery further, we’ll make sure that the fabrics and materials you choose suit your lifestyle. There are certain materials specially made to withstand wear and tear caused by children and pets. There are specific fabrics for people with sensitive skin. Some textiles are eco-friendly. Our sofa upholstery Chatsworth service is more than just refurbishing your furniture. We also aim to help you enjoy your furniture to its maximum advantage.

And because we know that custom sofa upholstery is still more expensive than the preassembled furniture from overseas, our experts will teach you tips and tricks to properly care for your upholstered sofa. Maintenance and upkeep for furniture pieces depend on the materials they’re made from. Knowing how to care for upholstered furniture can go a long way in ensuring that the next generation in your family can enjoy them as well.

If you have a beloved sofa you want to save or repurpose, don’t look too far. Let Chatsworth Upholstery do the job for you. Call 818-350-2932 or email for free estimates.


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